Great excitement and spectators in the match against unmarried married, the first to be performed at parties for Castropodame. It took place in the local soccer field.

Here is the brave, single women in red and yellow houses. In addition, the man in the blue shirt of the festival of the people was the referee. Along with the emergency services to use that both were given throughout the match.

Names of players from top to bottom and from left to right:
Andres, Lorena, Cris, Ana, Laura, Bea, Sofia
Sito, Mª Pili, Cristina, Pepa, Fatima, Mariam, Bea, Nino

chronic clash

Pepa and Fatima brought leaders of the team of married

The unmarried dominated almost the entire match, but achieving the goal was not so easy

Both football made that emergency services were viesen forced to enter the field on several occasions

But enough with a little hydration to solve the problem

Some unmarried women were not particularly happy with the methods of our two specialists

  However, the doctors were happy for a job well done.

Displeasure of the unmarried by a missed opportunity

Afternoon of football, here we see one of the interantes of Castropodame marking the field before the last league match in which he won from 0 to 3 thus consolidating the second position on the Table

And this was mostly the result of course was not really that important, since there were some external aid. All enjoyed a lot, especially them.

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It delegated the area of Urban Areas and Youth in Fresco Councilman Don Carlos Fernandez. Likewise delegated the areas of culture in Alderman, Don Angel Garcia Barredo. You'll notice that resolution in the House to hold the first session. Mayor-President, Julio Anta Gonzalez.
Source: deputation of Leon 19/06/2008 (No. Bulletin: 115)
Castropodame approves the budget of 1.08 million for the year of 2007

The District Council delivery plans accessibility to twenty municipalities
The High Bierzo low of 20,000 inhabitants
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