Excitement on two mini-wheel, all enjoy muchisimos in these two races, minimostos water and air.  Many were the falls but still more laughter and spectators as they were many who attended this event.

They were 10 laps to the circuit prepared by the streets of Castropodame.

The best curve in the church where the sand was made of yours on the asphalt

And there is no racing without crashes

The local idol, was unable to complete the race by mechanical failure

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It delegated the area of Urban Areas and Youth in Fresco Councilman Don Carlos Fernandez. Likewise delegated the areas of culture in Alderman, Don Angel Garcia Barredo. You'll notice that resolution in the House to hold the first session. Mayor-President, Julio Anta Gonzalez.
Source: deputation of Leon 19/06/2008 (No. Bulletin: 115)
Castropodame approves the budget of 1.08 million for the year of 2007

The District Council delivery plans accessibility to twenty municipalities
The High Bierzo low of 20,000 inhabitants
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