Convention on Governance in the municipality of CASTROPODAME between the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSO) and the Party of El Bierzo (PB)

1.- This governability pact aims to give a political and institutional stability to the Municipality of Castropodame Mayor proclaiming as a D. Julio Anta del PSOE  as a representative of the list of most popular and as Deputy mayor,. Angel Garcia Barredo of PB. Spend two years will meet a delegation from each of the two political parties to assess compliance with the agreements.

2 .- D. Ángel García Barredo Party of El Bierzo also will be responsible for the Concejalía delegate Works and infrastructure of the council and representative in Commonwealth of Municipalities of Bierzo High.

3 .- For the Party of El Bierzo will have a special relevance as overall points the following actions:

3.1 .- Culture: Defending our historical and artistic heritage. To conduct an investigation into all castros and pre-Roman settlements in this county.
3.2 .- Managing request from the council and all kinds of subsidies (Ministry of Culture, Provincial Council and Board of Castilla y Leon) aimed to study archaeological findings.
.3 .- Recovery and cataloguing of all archival documents that have held the municipal institution, for it can also access a grant.
3.4 .- Create the Municipal Culture Castropodame.
3.5 .- Aid for young families to settle in the town, as well as large families (three or more minor children) who reside in Castropodame.
3.6 .- promotion of public housing in the villages of county (Villaverde and Matachana).

4 .- infrastructures municipal level:

4.1 .- Adecentamiento and asphalting of the road that connects the three parishes mountain, San Pedro, Turienzo and Castropodame.
4.2 .- Require, with the collaboration of Bembibre, the union through a bridge with the industrial park, avoiding our isolation and attracting industry. MINISTERIO FOMENTO. Ministry Public Works. End the isolation of part of this historic town, we will end the isolation industry.
4.3 .- Designing a municipal plan to rehabilitate our forests by planting native trees.
4.4 .- Renewal of public lighting in all the peoples of the Municipality.
4.5 .- Improve screen that signal is received from Congosto part of the county (Calamocos), which is in deficit.

5 .- infrastructures in villages:

- Placing Banks on several streets.
- Prime the area around the sports centre and park.
- Indoor Sports Centre in Matachana.

- Equip the nave of the council to give a purpose: Headquarters associations, hall activities, meetings, etc..
Renewal of public lighting in Castropodame.
Exploiting tourism and culturally existing mines.

Signatories in the municipality of Castropodame to July 16, 2007:

Julio Anta, Mayor of the Municipality of Castropodame by the PSO.

Antonio Canedo, Secretary General of PSO in El Bierzo.

Angel Garcia Barredo, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Castropodame by the PB.

Ivan Alonso, Secretary General of PB.

Luis Linares, president of PB.

A date of July 30, 2007

Text literally extracted from the official website of the Partido del Bierzo.Have at the end if we do what they promise.

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It delegated the area of Urban Areas and Youth in Fresco Councilman Don Carlos Fernandez. Likewise delegated the areas of culture in Alderman, Don Angel Garcia Barredo. You'll notice that resolution in the House to hold the first session. Mayor-President, Julio Anta Gonzalez.
Source: deputation of Leon 19/06/2008 (No. Bulletin: 115)
Castropodame approves the budget of 1.08 million for the year of 2007

The District Council delivery plans accessibility to twenty municipalities
The High Bierzo low of 20,000 inhabitants
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