What is the right of appointment?
t allows the inclusion in itself a work of other unrelated fragments of nature writing, (...) provided that such works as advertised and their inclusion is conducted on an appointment or for analysis, comment or critical judgement. (...) Such use may be made only for purposes of teaching or research, to the extent justified by the end of that incorporation, and indicating the source and the name of the author of the book used.
The collections made in the form of periodic reviews or news magazines are also considering appointments. This is a matching, by way of legal fiction, to appointments, justified by an informative purpose and by the social interest of access to culture

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It delegated the area of Urban Areas and Youth in Fresco Councilman Don Carlos Fernandez. Likewise delegated the areas of culture in Alderman, Don Angel Garcia Barredo. You'll notice that resolution in the House to hold the first session. Mayor-President, Julio Anta Gonzalez.
Source: deputation of Leon 19/06/2008 (No. Bulletin: 115)
Castropodame approves the budget of 1.08 million for the year of 2007

The District Council delivery plans accessibility to twenty municipalities
The High Bierzo low of 20,000 inhabitants
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