Castropodame transferred to Bembibre 1 million meters to expand industrial estate

The municipality of Bembibre submitted today to the valuation of the House extending its municipal sites incorporating Montilla and Barreda, currently under the jurisdiction of Castropodame.
An expansion that will make a significant transfer of land to the capital of Bierzo High for the sole destination for the expansion of Industrial Park in San Roman de Bembibre, over an area of 1 million square meters, in return for the participation of the council of Castropodame by 25% of the net profits of this complex.

This decision, unprecedented in recent years, involves amending the municipal boundaries covering part of the property belongs to the court today that municipalities neighbour. Thus, there is solution to two problems both administrations: in the case of Bembibre, there is a sharp increase in the total area for industrial use, totalling 2.3 million square metres between the current location and future, and on the power Castropodame benefit from industrial expansion along its borders with participation in the management of the site.

A possible breach of Bembibre would compensation to neighbouring town of 1 million euros.  This provides a precautionary clause, under which the parties are given a period of 15 years for Bembibre begins to develop, but the reality suggests that could start within two years.

This was presented on Wednesday the mayors of both towns, Esteban Jesus and Julio Anta, respectively.  The agent bembibrés explained that "we have material resources and economic opportunities and management across Pibasa, but above all we are a city council group 1, which is absent in the case of Catsropodame, which allows us to access grants for urban land Industrial ". The draft urbanization could begin to grow from 2010 onwards.

His counterpart Castropodame, Julio Anta, was satisfied by an agreement that "we had not dreamed nor" in the town, and reported that "many or more benefits" to Bembibre. Thus, the problem has been solved for economic industrialization near Castropodame, and although in a neighboring territory (Bembibre), the estate will enable linking directly with the municipality of San Roman Bembibre. Also, this principle agreement is related to plans under way for the empowerment of public housing in Castropodame after recent talks with the SEP.

 In the inevitable comparison with the Polygon of Bayo, Esteban regretted that can not be a supra body between the two municipalities, as the form of investment and financing different. While in the Polygon of San Roman funding comes from funds Plan Coal, which has access to all facilities of the capital High Bierzo, in the case of Bayo regional society is dependent on the Castilla y Leon , Gesturcal, which performs investment and urbanization.

This project, however, requires the authorization of the House.  In both municipalities will be submitted today to the valuation of the Corporation. The approval in the plenary sessions would give way to the final signature, in full detail on the conditions of transfer and sharing of benefits of the test site, respectively for each municipality.

Written by HK, Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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